BWFF – Wild Rice Review

Today, December 15, 2015 I was finally able to lay witness to the Big Water Film Festival. In the 30-minute clip that we received, titles like Harvest, Wild Rice, and another about berries. After watching the short films, I found definite connections with Wild Rice more so than the others. In this document, a friend of mine, Meg Vondriska flims the documentary about the harvesting of Wild Rice. The setting is in northern Wisconsin on very densely filled wild rice lake, while harvesters use old techniques of harvesting.

This filmWildricecooked connects with my theme of hunting and fishing, as duck hunting is set in the same place, making it harder to hide from the eyes in the sky, while they come to feast on the same rice that they gather. As we hunt, its impressive how quickly wild rice can accumulate in our canoes and all over our gear. Usually by weeks after a hunt, we’re still finding morsels in pockets and hoodies. After watching this film, it was interesting the style of methods to retain the most amount rice while being very delicate with the rice and the canoe.


You can see the amount of rice in the lake that harvesters can choose from. 

Having witnessed many photos of Meg on social media while conducting this film, I felt I watched the story take place and then followed through with the actual completed video. Meg was an amazing with the camera, catching the very vivid shapes and beauty that you find in the wild rice lakes. Having seen many spots taken from outside the boat, I know she was working hard, with the bottom of those lakes covered in muk. I was impressed with the overall quality and the outline of the movie, and better yet, understanding the process that takes place before duck season.


Tyler’s D3 Survival Guide to Basketball

Blog Review

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 4.01.16 PM

                 A college built basketball player rejuvenates many instances for youth players making it through the ranks and instills useful information onto them that will benefit them prior to achieving a college status. Tyler Peterson is the author behind D3 Basketball Survival Guide, who reverts many posts to help those that speculate what the future could look like through different decisions. Tyler is very much up-to-date on his posts, regarding in class work and his blogs regarding basketball.

A voice well recognized through his posts, Tyler constantly remains a teacher when writing his posts. While proposing his conquests of someday envisioning being a coach, he subsequently resembles that of a leader throughout his blog. As a college athlete, during the same particular season, and a peer of Tyler, reading his blogs do hit home for me as well. Making sense of much of his texts, due to the fact that the “struggle is real” during college. Tyler helps those who speculate athletics during their college run, should find refuge in his blog, because he definitely scripts the course of time throughout his four years in sheer detail.

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 4.02.08 PM

The style behind this D3 Basketball Survival Guide is simple, inform athletes (basketball players in particular) of the changes that occur playing at a higher level. In many cases, he enacts the sense of sports within his blog. For instance, repetition, repetition, repetition. In his posts, many of the same themes immerse, persisting to the fact that we only learn when a subject matter is continuously practice, just like sports. Here Tyler is seen somewhat coaching us through his blog, perusing the idea of us to engage in his teachings. During his post from, October 14, 2015 How to (Try to) Stay Healthy This Season, he revitalizes the issue of stretching being such a key part of maintaining a successful season, without being so injury prone. While doing this, he is quoted saying, “That’s right! Stretching again. No one likes to hear this, but as Jack once said, a lot of people have trouble hearing what they need to do.” Like I said, Tyler much like a coach, researches how to successful, and with a basketball history, knows how to instill his skills onto others, knowing how to lead.

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 4.03.05 PM

This blog has many strengths, while subtle like his repetition skills, and his more diverse ways of making his work relevant. Throughout the survival guide, you will find media devised to bring life to his work. In certain cases, its hyperlinks, bringing you to hot spots relating to certain coaches, workouts, and videos that bring comical instances and make you want to further your scroll to the bottom of the blog. Within his images, he doesn’t particularly use images from BB, but memes that collectively pursue in what the subject matter is about. He is consistent with making the blog very balanced, allowing other athletes and students to understand the content in further depth.

While continuing to evaluate this blog, many other strengths that Tyler is kept up on, are the use of tags and categories, keeping his blog very simple and organized. This is a very key feature that is highly looked passed, while others lose focus on this choice of tools, Tyler allows his audience to use his page to the highest capabilities. Some of his tags include, Advice, D1/D3, Health, Interactions, NCAA, Social Media, Drills, and Practice. These being very broad but yet useful because, all of the tags set, are covered throughout the post its tag too.Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 3.59.34 PM

His categorical sidebar also insists on finding material at a simple click of the mouse or tap of the screen. Located at the top of the page, Tyler incorporates the information you may find on his blog. Setting the tone with a visual sidebar like this gives depth to his blog, keeping readers sustained with a singular page of highly informational knowledge that many readers will find useful. Above this widget, his “Top Posts & Pages” lies above, proclaiming his must reads, fulfilling the scripture of the post that have been commented thoroughly upon and also the upmost respected writings on his blog. With 6 posts sitting within the sidebar keeps his audience nearly overwhelmed with great posts.

How Tyler formulates his blog using the many tools offered by WordPress, this blog is a consistent routine of information. His readers have now become followers after being engulfed within such serious ideas and problems that are overseen while pretending to be ready for stepping into the next level of athletics or life. He sets the tone of the seriousness of the situation, and by bringing to light subtle details of how things can become amplified, his audience wants to know more, and by following him, they’ll get just that.

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 4.03.15 PM

After making it too the bottom of the blog page, I identified with many cases that Tyler shed light upon. I learned a few new practices that I should regard when continuing on through my senior year of collegiate hockey and also related to his advice in his last blog post, Open Letter to High School Basketball Players Hoping to Play College Basketball, when he states that when he was in High School, he didn’t understand the virtue of competition outside the confines of his own teams. As a starter throughout my years of High School, I rarely decided to work harder, knowingly where I stood on my team. Now knowing the business that occurs quickly after your graduating year, you need to understand that you need to work hard on and off the court, because grades matter just as much as your vertical. As a hockey player, I had no idea that players were even suitable to play Pro ball after turning 18, with
men strutting the court at mature age and size. Through hockey, we are set up Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 4.03.23 PMa collegiate level and also junior leagues that filter players through
the ranks and allows them to mature so they are able to be a consistent player at the highest rank. While the NHL is becoming younger and younger, I had no idea that this concept was simulating throughout the NBA. Having Tyler not written this post, I would have not known this was occurring. With the help of Tyler,young individuals coming through the ranks can now understand the pros and cons of such decisions.

With such an active Twitter account: @thaipeas, mainly focuses on a mainstream basketball theme. He talks stats, team biases, blog posts, and keeping you connected to those at the front lines, NBA all-stars themselves. As seen in this Storify, you can read Tyler’s twitter history, showing how he has a strong voice through his tweets, asking questions and pushing priceless analytical information prior/post game. When advising about his blog posts, he gives the ‘Twitterspehere’ a full layout of what he poses to accomplish by reading it.

His most effective tweets if I were to narrow them down, are these two about his blog posts, letting the youth ballers know whether or not they are truly prepped for college and level of skill that comes with it. By using hyperlinks, you are easily navigated to his blog post, whilst having the actual post being dragged to your screen. This is highly helpful to those who are new to a blog, but his advertising is very useful as many sporadic people find themselves commenting on posts.

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 3.36.50 PM

This next tweet gives you a more in-depth outlook of Tyler Peterson and his knowledge of the game he loves. As for myself, I couldn’t call stats on many of the players that I watch at the highest level, yet Tyler feels comfortable in stating who he feels needs the ball for the outcome he’s hoping for. For Tyler’s blog, this does wonders, as when his Twitter audience can fully trust that he isn’t simply trying to catfish readers into his writing, but actually collaborating with others, utilizing his full range of knowledge on the subject of basketball.

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 3.37.18 PM

Knowing Tyler and his regiment for basketball, we typically talk about what we have to endure doing the preseason, and the during the season. Other than that, we both know the struggles of living off campus and knowing the different lifestyle it brings to our time at college. From a senior standpoint, Tyler and I can identify how these changes should be handled and how, because in hindsight, it changes your studying, eating, athletic and social habits. As a leader and using a coaching mentality in his blog, I believe this is a topic that Tyler should try to incorporate into his blog, because those looking to get out of the dorms may not find the comforts of a home and roommates so satisfying while others may love the information granted by Mr. Peterson himself.

As a very serious publisher, Tyler continues to spew the helpful incentives of making players more suitable for the next level. Amongst his progression of influencing more of an audience, Tyler must incorporate more posts, regarding his life and how certain influences from his life may have sculpted certain skills of his. In partition, how did he become such an icon viewed by teammates, and how he still helps his team on the right track of winning. It would be fun to see photos of himself, the man behind the mask in the setting of school work and on the court. Learning of him, is just as important as the script he writes for us. I would try to persuade him into a deep bio with media filled with stats and information regarding his own skills and team, here @ Northland College.

D3 Basketball Survival Guide is a truly remarkable blog that entails much of what to expect, other than a few minor detail changes to posts, Tyler could definitely see a major change in followers and blog hits. By using a very serious voice, this blog is easy to read and while his posts are categorized very well, jumping from post to post is as simple as any pdf file.

I hope to see Tyler continue his blog, as his senior year is yet to be finished. Maybe use his last year to write it off, and compile the most informative blogs, informing what goals he has hopes to fulfill as a team and after his career at Northland College. Knowing Tyler, his life in basketball is far from over, knowing what he has in store will be great read, and influentially may change the way others perceive this lifestyle, and may follow his path to becoming not just a better basketball player, but as a stronger individual off the court.


Looking Back

This blog, from Team Todd Outdoors was created in thought to allow readers a better understanding of what hunting and fishing can offer and the right ways to go about doing so. My blog has been best kept up to date with the different hunting and fishing that I have been involved with since this fall semester began. From scouring rubs and scrapes to hunting in South Dakota, this blog was directed at the Midwestern Outdoorsman.  From beginning to end, I have tried to keep this blog personal, using lessons and media from my own hunts. Throughout this semester long blog of TTOD, I found myself being more in-tuned to everything around me, this aloud me to give a better description of how to interact with different situations that even the reader might find themselves in.

I approached this blog like a research paper, because truly, this kept me involved with more research in maintaining a better harvest this fall through all the different hunts that Minnesota and the Midwest has to offer. While living in Wisconsin, and hunting exclusively in Minnesota, I was intertwined with different seasons as much as different tales of others experiences whether learning of it at local tavern or at work. Knowing how many people pride themselves as hunters and truly enjoying the blessings of the outdoors, it kept me motivated to learn more from them, allowing me to my own field research. From there, whether I’d been had, or whether my new tactics worked, I tried to portray them throughout this blog to help any old stranger from making a mistake and to produce a great day out in the wilderness.

Even though, I have read many written mistakes throughout this WordPress, I find it hard to edit, as it shows how excited I was to post. To keep the reader instilled while reading jumbled up words, I kept the screen vibrant with some photos and videos that are kept from my own moments in the blind. In my mind, this gave the blogs more depth as to what I had been referring too, as I show photos of scrapes and ducks lined up and a caption in regards to the photo. I felt this was just as necessary as my words. I found myself running through my phone and GoPro, trying to find the best suited moments to portray. Using this kind of style, made it much easier to find my own voice through my trials and tribulations, making Team Todd sound much more personal, as well it should stay.

In much respect to my audience, I hope this blog has been very easy to locate certain blogs and categories. It is hard to believe a man from my generation is much incapable to computers, but with such a busy schedule and trying to endure what mother nature has to offer, you somewhat lose touch to the modern world. With this, it made it hard to understand many of the changes a blogger can do to make his/her blog much easier to maneuver through. Still trying, I picked a theme that seemed enough for any computer illiterate outdoorsmen like myself to navigate through. As much as appearance, I had hoped the many photos, such as the home screen would welcome migrators into my waters, as these were my main decoys to visitors. Using Team Todd Outdoor as an Instagram link at the bottom, I wanted many to find our other photos that aren’t published onto this blog, giving the reader a more in depth understanding of who is writing.


As a rookie blogger, I had no idea what to think or how about going about doing this. After finding a subject that I am very passionate, I pretty much took off from there. I had much to discuss, but with my schedule, it was hard to determine what I should post. In many circumstances, I wanted to portray what I had been more involved in. As the beginning of a schools fall semesters starts, so does the hunting season, and without a motor for my fishing boat, it was going to be hard to go out a fish Lake Superior, and well, for the summer fishing, I felt it hard to retain what moments took place and how to voice here on this blog. As for the hunting, I was breathing it every weekend when I went home to old Minnesota. This is where I was reunited with my family, friends, and my killing stick. With this blog always in the back of my mind, I tried to retain each moment on my GoPro and relive it on here through my own words, while trying to incorporate the footage amidst the text.


While I was much in favor for hunting, since November, I had really gotten away from the fields and slews, and found myself in the woods, alone, without many deer to gaze upon. It was cold, slow and to say the least, not much has happened other than spotting does consistently without much of buck presence. It was hard then to voice my everyday weekend of poor weather conditions and photos of does galore, what the people and what I wanted was something with a little bone stemming from the old noggin’. With only a buck tag, I wouldn’t be able to harvest a doe, and blog about it here, unfortunately I have been still engaged in tracking down Gordie and some other deer that give me the chills that I’ve been missing out on. But you as a reader and me wanting to post a photo of an arrow blanketed in red, this blog has felt quiet in regards of hunting, as I’ve been trying to hunt down a story…literally.

Being instilled within Social Media this semester, I have engulfed just as much information as I have goose this season. To better realization, this has been a great way to gather all the information I have learned this year and document it for the reader, and just as much for myself. Through twitter, and even Instagram, I have reached out and have gained more readers through the last few weeks. Asking much of them to comment on the blogs and give me their take, I also wanted to keep my accounts outside of this blog to be instilled with the same common values, and information that I wanted to write about. I found myself following anything that introduced me into another sense of hunting. I brought this information everywhere, reading tips and packing my phone with many software’s that can give me a better insight of how to be the top predator

Social Media has very much changed since I had begun my first Myspace in the early days, then I took to Facebook and followed suit with the rest of the social applications were identified as being “in”. Soon I had found myself on the other side of the fence, once it had overtaken too much of my life. After reinstalling the applications back on my devices for this semester course, all I knew much of was Instagram. As for the other platforms, things had changed, even blogging, was rough from the start. Learning the new elements of each program had really made me feel illiterate with the major changes that had come for since their debuts. Coming to terms with how our modernized these applications have become with our community, I knew it was time to get back on the horse. Within the fact of joining different communities that involve the outdoors, I had to start to find the path I wanted to take while keeping strong values to my accounts as many are inked with bad subscriptions and can deter you from what you can obtain through social media, even though a laugh is very healthy from time to time.

My favorite blog post that I have written to date are definitely Pheasant Jealousy & Why Am I Beating Myself Up? These are justly favorites because during the Pheasant Jealousy, I had a lot too write about as for my cousins consistently inform me what South Dakota has to offer, and while my northern Wisconsin residency, I was again unable to join up with the great time. This provided me to inform the others that might have chance to indulge in the party, because well, everyone is invited to this time of a life experience. The images were also hard not to post, as my cousins love to entice me to a visit to their hunting spots and with roosters that beautiful, they had to be shared. This blog needed to be written, and to write it froma stand point of drooling over the idea, I had fun writing it, but jealous it did make me. Why Am I Beating Myself Up?, was another I very much enjoying publishing. When it comes to duck hunting and my very late reappearance to the sport, I had forgotten much of what the sport incorporates. For example, the pure exhaustion of what the slew can bring, really brought me to terms of how much I need to become wiser and more prepared if I wanted to truly call myself a hunter, because hurting and animal and harvesting an animal, separates hunters from amateurs. Within that mindset, I produced this piece to really prove how much I had forgotten and the bare necessities that one only needs to be involved in a great hunt.

Informing outside of this blog was very helpful as to get readers and the community involved in outdoor relations. I kept my twitter active while sitting in the stand, justly reminding others to keep those on their toes for new gear or as to what the weather was looking like, as hunting is very much based upon this element. The ones that did the most apparent informing, involved retweets that brought users to other accounts. As this doesn’t bring much to my account, if what I repost and pass on, helps certain users, they will listen to more of what I have to say. These other accounts have actually helped me getter a stronger voice through other social media programs as they tell others to what I have to say, much like a thank you for doing the same to them.

Looking on past this semester, I have thought if I were to continue this blog; and my answer is most likely, as it is a free source of publishing information and staying connected to such a broad community. Alongside other accounts on Twitter, and Instagram, this blog can better summarize hunts and the perception of the great outdoors through our eyes.

In future posts, I intend to go very in depth about ice fishing and the mechanics of fishing for either walleye or crappies. These posts will be much for media filled as it much easier to keep the camera ready and also with the different technology that we are able to use, I plan to go more in depth with certain brands, gizmos and whether its valuable to finding the fish. Besides ice fishing is one of the mostfavorite pastime amongst my hometown, with friends already looking to go north and find fish that will barely squeeze out of the ice holes. This time of the year is very much anticipated, with new ice houses, secret honey holes, and fishing partners that will definitely go the full nine yards to be successful, its hard not get antsy to get on the ice.

Alongside, the tundra fishing, I want to conclude previous posts, including, finding and harvesting my 2015 buck, and also bringing to light my fathers just recent South Dakota Pheasant hunt with his buddies; getting their limit each day within only a few hours. While, I will not be able to make the pheasant hunt this year, I am trying to piece together a trip down to that region for a snow goose hunt with a teammate and our fathers, being guided by his uncle. Only a history with Canadians, I am eager to see what major fly way looks like, with hundreds of flocking birds circling the skies. A bucket list sort of hunt that I would love to publish a story on.

Unfortunately, I did not publish many stories that I intended to do. For example, I wanted to make a write up on grouse hunting, as my cabin is littered with these little trail riders. With not having ever hunted them on our property, they have gotten very mature and actually quite approachable, making it actually hard to go after. As they have become more of an attraction to our cabin rather than wanting to go after them there. This prohibited me from continuing on from writing a blog about, but in hindsight, they lost my attraction after finding numerous turkey feathers and hearing calls during my deer season, making them a highly sought out prey for this guy.

I would like to thank those who have found them reading my blog posts, and for those who have incorporated a subject matter in which I can publish better stories and allow readers better links and subjects to allow them to understand in further manner than prior to finding this blog page. Again, thank you and I hope you enjoy what is to come later to date.

Spot Lighting Deer?….Hmmm

Wisconsin’s Lake Superior Chippewa Indians may now conduct night hunting for deer on lands open to public hunting within the Ceded Territory from Nov. 1, 2015 to Jan. 4, 2016 – however, the season will be closed during Wisconsin’s nine-day gun deer hunt (November 21-29).

In a sportsman’s eye, this is hard to swallow, maybe because I have no Native American blood running through my veins, but more so than not, it takes away from the hunt, and the sport.


Deer being spot-lighted at night, as you can see their eyes are easy to track through the blackness of the night and they freeze.

In all understanding of the treaties and the way of life of the Native American people, changes in regulations preferring to each side, pulling limits away from tribes or allowing them more opportunities to take their species, it’s always going to be a battle within the communities that these regulations pass. As a Minnesota hunter, I will not have to deal with these changes, but for having property on a reservation in Cloquet, it scares me that they too could be inducted into such changes in the future, making it relatively hard to hunt these grounds, knowing that deer that passed sunset may not have the opportunity to do so once more, when they could be picked off throughout the night.

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 12.56.32 PM.png

Where Chippewa Tribal hunt can occur, are within the exterior boundary of the ceded territory.

Taking away from the hunt, spot lighting deer is a significant change to hunting regulations. As for many that don’t hunt, think of time where a deer crosses the road, sees your high beams, freezes up and stairs you down. Now implement this into hunting, you have a deer that will stand in your crosshairs, questioning what is going on and before they can understand anything, they’ll be harvested. For many of us, it is hard to grasp the idea, or find it at all justified, because these weren’t how many Native Americans hunted decades ago.

With many changes in regulations that happen yearly, I hope this will be one that the DNR quickly rectifies, because to those walking the woods, deer or not, shooting in the dark, isn’t always the safest. But for public hunting grounds now allocated to be night hunted, the game changes, especially for those who have to wait till morning to hike to their stand, while passing and watching others pulling deer out by dawn. 

For more information about the new regulations and why, click here.


Hello Winter…

Today is the first of December, and to surprise, Northern Wisconsin woke up to the first blanket of snow this year. A little late, but nonetheless it is here. For me, it brought many contradicting thoughts to my mind. Its winter, and with that, the many possibilities for the outdoorsmen is about to unfold. From Ice fishing, to hunting coyotes the list of activities for us goes on and on. But with all these great day filled journeys we might take, we also need to make sure that we are prepared to battle the elements that come with winter.

I, like most people from the northland, love ice fishing. But preparing to head out on the lakes and making sure everything is sorted and ready, isn’t nearly as invigorating. Personally, I have a Clam, with all of my accessories bundled inside hanging from the rafters. With it being well over a hundred pounds and hung up. This is where I begin, with a little help from pa, and some sweat, getting it down is not too much of a problem, but opening the bundled up ice shack, and pulling everything out for revision isn’t as easy. Augers need to be taken a look at, as gas and oil are probably very old and useless. My fishing reels very seldom have enough line on them, after hunkering down on the Great Lakes and fishing in depths of 100+ ft. for those big lunkers. Shovels that are cracked, need to be replaced, and the list goes on.

Furbearers beware, it is time to take the fur off the backs of ‘yotes, wolfs, rabbits and ‘coons. It’s the time that these animals are filling out, coats more luscious and for us, it’s the perfect time to take advantage and partake in the hunt. But, in hindsight, our tools to fulfill these hunts need to be just as ready as your trigger finger. Guns need to be oiled up with the increase in precipitation, electronic game calls charged and ready, traps to be put in remote areas where they can be easily accessed and blinds that are dignified for your hunt.

Some of us northlanders also just like to get out, without the sense of a hunt (hard to believe), but yes, snowmobiles and snowshoes, skates and cross country skis are also a much sought out way of enjoying the great outdoors. But again, each needs to be located and distinguished as what is ready to be used. Snowmobiles need most of the work, with reigniting the life of the old beast, sending the smell of new gas and oil through the air, revving up the new winter. As for snowshoes and cross country, these don’t typically need much work, unless straps are broken or don’t fit the new boots you bought two months ago.

Here is a handheld map for you mobile device to follow trails throughout the State of Minnesota:

A map for Snowmobilers:

Winter is upon us and for those of you who don’t dread snow and the cold, then make sure you’re ready to dive in, because when a few more droppings come, we will be fully engulfed by the many different aspects that we can take advantage of for living in the north.


The Uncharted Comparison

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 1.19.29 PM

The blogosphere is very comparable, and after reading “The Uncharted Dragon“, I noticed many similarities, and many strategies to use for my own blog. The author, Meg can be found on Twitter & Instagram where she helps collaborate with her blog. Her voice characterizes the “all-most senior-graduated” looking to help those coming through the ranks of college. Starting with how to promote better academic progress, she also covers in how to overcome the hard times and how our generation typically reacts to different variables of life.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 1.21.28 PMScreen Shot 2015-10-26 at 1.21.49 PMScreen Shot 2015-10-26 at 1.21.59 PM

Her categories list are about Growing Up, a laughing section, and lastly College, this allows the reader to navigate not just on topic sentences but on the emotion the reader has. Going further into depth, her hyperlinks address many very on point sites that can have direct impact on how you are behaving and forces the reader to change or adapt to the college life in a positive way. For example, one hyperlink allows you drop off emotional baggage, while another can take you to the Forbes website, indicating where most millennials will end up.  And then there are gifs, with Meg, she uses comedy to push her readers further down her page, but with her GIF’s, don’t expect to move too fast as her images are funny and very relevant to her topics.ragecomic

Her page is very slick, with her blog posts reading from most recent to the oldest, widgets and categories are captured in her sidebar, making navigation throughout her page very easy. Meg’s future posts that she intends to write about are also important, giving her audience an idea of what to expect. This bucket list page, entails, detailed topics that make the readers come back ready to be confronted with more information regarding life as a college rook. When looking even deeper throughout her blog, you consistently notice the “millennial” feel, as most GIF’s are based upon our lives growing up through the 90’s and throughout the millennium, making her topics and comedy feel more relative to us.

Comparing ours, I have learned that this blog may need some finer tuning, like preparing my bow. To further produce knowledge on topics, and teach readers about how to properly hunt and to show research, my posts need to almost convey the same ideas as Meg’s. Pushing hyperlinks to my stats, and other sources that can really develop an understanding on what I’m writing. And even finding a stronger voice, so the readers understand who is talking and from what point of view, as each post doesn’t have a constant voice. This could include more photos, GIFs, and even more tweets and Instagram posts.

Through the same lens, Meg and I could possibly conduct a post about how to understand the pros and cons of using social media throughout our topics, as both are a constant evil for both to our topics. For example, college and hunting can be directly impacted with social media, because staying focused is the name of the game. This post can altered to make sure it still comes out as her voice and communicate through different aspects maintain her image on her posts, while mine can do the same, and they will overall cover the topic of how the two must be aware of how the outcomes of the modern world and social media.

The Uncharted Dragon is a must read blog, if you are starting your own or looking for help in a college basis. She helps capture and motivate her audience with research and background in living the lifestyle. Stay up to date with her posts, and look forward to reading what she plans to bring to the table…

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 1.44.26 PM

Deer & Deer Hunting

This is a blog community directed strictly towards deer hunters. It revolves around the modern techniques and knowledge of safety, regulations and the rights of the sport. Like many other blogs, this is another one about hunting. But here, they have many editors that have a different scope of challenges and conditions regarding their region that affect their hunt. This can add much to the benefits of the readers, make these blogs a hotspot like a new food plot.

This article is written by Deer and Deer Hunter editor, Dan Schmidt. He has many more articles, some only regarding videos and short summaries, but they are entirely helpful and useful while in the field.

Like all D+DH posts, this one is easy to find; while being connected to various social media outputs such as, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. This allows them to find more followers and inform more people.

This blog is on the topic of how the venison quality can be impacted by the shot you take. It goes over very detailed reasons on why this is important. It teaches readers and also forces us to take part in more perpetration prior to engaging in a hunt.

D+DH community also involves many images and videos. They all include captions and write ups involving each. The hyperlinks are very helpful as to many bring you to different posts regarding a closer look into singular but, major topics.

No post is ever rewritten as each hunt is never relived. With many editors spread throughout the country, there are many changes on how you must conduct your hunt, with the help of D+DH, all the readers are helped with post that keep hunters and readers engaged.

Pheasant Jealousy

South Dakota Pheasant hunting has now arrived and my phone is alerted with images of big flocks and daily limits. This is thanks to my two cousins who live in Southern Minnesota. Where I have large lakes and fish, they bat their lashes and always tell me about how I haven’t lived yet. If you haven’t pheasant hunted then, listen up. I’ll be telling you what I’ve been listening to for the last few years. And maybe by the end up of this, I’ll have already sold myself on the idea and I myself might be in SD with a few roosters. After high school, my cousin took off to the south (Minnesota), fell in love with South Dakotan and in return was lucky enough to become engaged to a family owning and renting up to 5,500 acres of the best pheasant hunting property in the country. Like most of South Dakota, fields and pheasants go hand in hand, but if you haven’t seen a flock of 15 come across your shotgun barrel, then I’ve been told we haven’t seen true beauty yet.

When you arrive in South Dakota, it’s off to get the $125 nonresident license, then to see the family or friends. The weekend is very easy to plan, as it’s a huge party revolving around the hunt, called the “Hunter’s Stag”, and it’s definitely for those who like to have fun. Friday night is filled with blackjack, craps, roulette and a few drinks. But don’t be alarmed, hangovers aren’t the death of pheasant hunting, well, it just can’t be when shooting hours are at noon. How great is that? You still have time to sleep in, and count all the z’s you want. So for all you water fowlers, enjoy what you’ve been missing out on. And what’s the best way to beat that awful morning? As I’m told, year after year, when you see the first flock get flushed in front of you, not much else matters, in fact, you’re in awe, you have no idea which rooster to take down. It’s a sight for sore eyes and can’t be beaten, as I’m told. Field upon field, dogs will flush these pheasants, while you are your hunting party can joke around and have a great time.

Within minutes, it could all be over. Your limit, your buddy’s limit, and the rest of your hunting party has their limit. But what just happened? It’s been less than 45 minutes and birds are stacked up. Well, then it’s time to crack a cold one and take a group photo. It’s hard to picture what my cousins of the south are up to on days like today. Now that we’re at the tail end of the duck season and deer rifle season is coming up around the bend, it’s hard not to be a little jealous of these boys claiming some red feathers.

Maybe one day, I’ll be raising some few pheasants but, for now, I’ll just show you the latest that South Dakota has to offer….

My cousin with his South Dakota family with their limit. Nothing can beat family, friends and a great South Dakotan Pheasant Hunt.

Don’t Give Up, Not Yet!

Its getting later in the bow season for whitetails, but don’t quit just yet. After doing some research, this year is about to really quick off. The early lull might have been the calm before the storm because big bucks are right around the corner.  With many hours already in the stand and very few sightings of bucks, I had to get back to the drawing board, re-scout the area and come up with some new techniques.

Scrapes and RUBS! What a sight to see. Coming in from my last hunt, I decided to take the long way back. I had gone to different stands, investigating rubs on trees, trying to identify where the big bucks were calling home. With 3-4” trees being rubbed around a singular-stand, I too was going to call this home.

Everything also seemed to perfect this season, and that never seems to cast the most opportune moment to get the buck. But lately, its been hot, acorns literally everywhere and water hasn’t been too much of a concern. This might be the kiss of death, as Bucks are getting their thick coats going into the Rut, and won’t tend to move around until night. And truthfully, even then, with the amount of acorns this year, they don’t have to move far for food.

Looking down into one of my food plots. These get hit more at night, and early in the morning. But with acorns, these clover plots might make it later in the season, with deer not being attracted as much now.

But that’s all about to change for the North. This year, everything seems to be coming together. On around October 27, the rut shall begin. On that night, there will be a full moon, and research shows, bucks testosterone peaks, a doe’s estrogen level peaks and with a full moon all around November 1, starts the process. And this is when we will see large changes. With last year this occurring November 6, we will see these changes much earlier. 2-3 days after the full moon, no doe is safe, whether they’re ready or not, bucks are on the chase where bucks can cover up to 3,000 acres and will last about 7 days, where breeding hasn’t started. But after the 10th of November, deer are on lockdown, where full breeding has taken place and bucks are moving at the same pace as doe, and if the doe isn’t moving more than a few hundred yards throughout the day, then expect the buck to do the same. This makes it hard for hunters to find what they’re looking for if they don’t have a hot doe near the stand.

I’m excited to get apart of the hunt during this period, because truthfully, my deer cam is loaded with does. Even with the acorns, my food plots have offered a change of diet in which might entice some of the bigger boys to travel my way. If you have been finding more does on your property, on your trail cams and mister big boy hasn’t stepped into your line of sight. Don’t give up too early, some big changes are right around the corner. They’ll play some significant changes that could spark it up for you. Because, well the chase is on.

And here’s ol Gordie that I’ve been hounding down, Talk about an elusive feller.

Last Seen August 21st, 2015 (32GB Memory Used Up) Remember: be sure to set your camera up correctly, VIDEOS USE ALOT OF MEMORY!!!

Its December 1st, rifle season has come and gone, muzzleloader only has a couple more weeks to go, and still I find myself bow hunting in the later season to still finally bring down a buck. It’s been a hard year for many northlanders, as many wolves and coyotes are dominating the wilderness that we usually find ourselves hunting. As for me, I have a lone black wolf eyeballing my does, and maybe even pushing my bucks off the territory. I heard many cases of friends and acquaintances hunting their normal grounds yet finding more predators lurking by, smelling scent sticks and coming in on grunts.

Hard to believe, I couldn’t, until this last weekend, in Cloquet, MN when hunting with a couple buddies on my property, I had come across this wolf twice, stalking the same four deer. For me, I am doubtful this is reason for a depleted source in mature bucks, but in some cases, it isn’t. I have hunted every weekend in throughout my property, found big rubs and scrapes proving their existence, but with their keen sense of survival, hanging out near starving wolves near winter, isn’t in their best interest, not that they are alone without other bucks with them like in summer months.

Still in the right frame of mind, I am still after the large antlers that have making messes out of 8 inch round trees and scraping up my trails. I know they are passing through but for how long will they stay?

My advice, stay confident in the hunt. As long as your finding new sightings of buck movement throughout your hunting grounds, I have faith, but with only 30 days left in the season, its best to cover as much ground, scouting and maybe even looking to draw up a new stand position, because with predators on their heels, they’ll instinctively stay where they feel safe, making it the best opportunity for you to let one fly.


A rub we found just after the rut. This guys a ghost. 

5 Quick Reminders For Waterfowl

Some Quick Reminders for Waterfowl. After a couple weeks into the season, I’ve witnessed a few forgetful moments. Here’s a few ways to make sure it doesn’t happen to you.

1. No lead Shot!

It is grouse season also, but having a lead shot in your possession during duck hunting is a big no-no. Make sure you keep those target loads at home, sitting by the clays. Just make sure your shells say steel.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 9.46.24 AM

2. Plug it up.

The last few years, I have heard and seen more people get tickets for not having a plug-in. Come on, we can’t be that lazy of a society where we can’t check. But besides, if you are missing yours, call up a buddy, or find one at the local gun store, it’s not worth the ticket.

3. Licenses….

Well, it’s a no brainer. But, is your wallet with you? Are you sure you have it? Just like a plug, it’s not very fun playing 30 questions with the DNR. They have more people to check, you have birds to clean, have it ready, no reason in slowing down the process.

photoshopped hady

4. Communication.

Talk to the people you’re hunting with, make sure everyone is up to date on your arriving to the lake and transportation. I missed my hunt Sunday due to someone having back problems, and I missed out on a ride. Let someone know.

5. Its still a sport, and all sports have rules.

Ducks are smart, they learn very quickly, but then again. Some don’t at all. If you catch couple stragglers, dropping into your decoys. Don’t let them get comfortable in the water. Please give em a chance, burn ’em before they drop.

ducks photoshopped